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We are a group of specialist companies in the metal and plastic that provide a series od sourface treatments to parts manufactured by our customers. We are not manufacturers; we are specialists in colecting,applying coating and returning the parts to our customers, improving corrosion resistance propieties and function of the partsempresa.

We apply electrolytic, chemical, organic and inorganic and conversion coatings. These coatings can be applied in our current coating lines or in lines specifically designed by customer request

We would like to be recognized as a reference in the Spanish market of coatings and electroplanting technology. We want to be leaders with solutions and services and be committed to the protection of environment and our society.

Our mission is to contribute to the competitiveness of society in general and the companies particulary, facilitating the tchnical improvements od their projects with innovative coatings and being consistent with our concept of social responsability, wich provides environmentally-friendly industrial solutions.


GALOL keeps a strict confidentiality in all aspects related to our customers information and cmmits itself in safeguarding professional secret in all its acts and at every moment, keeping confidentiality of drawings, projects in development phase that our customers share with us. This commitment is incorporated in our business philosophy that has made possible more than 40 years of service to our customers.